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GET LAMP: Nick Montfort (Philadelphia)

Published May 14, 2006

Nick Montfort was one of the first people I contacted for GET LAMP, because he'd written "Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction", which was a lovely academic work on text adventures and especially Infocom. Over the years, a strong friendship developed and we brought together all sorts of interesting ideas and approaches to how the GET LAMP movie would be filmed and made. Nick has an amazing memory for facts and information, and he would often correct or remind me of clips I'd shot and how to integrate better and better ideas. He's an academic and I'm a documentary guy, so our approaches were different, but we came to respect each others' outlook.

I interviewed Nick three times - this is the first one. I had a lot to learn about the camera and the operation of the sound - and as a result, he is out of focus, and the sound is a little strange. In the final GET LAMP film, this interview's audio was intercut with video of illustrative shots as well as his other two interviews. Content-wise, it's impeccable.

Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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